DJ & Master of Ceremonies in London

For your family who want to shed a tear with you, your friends who want to laugh with you, your (soon to be) husband who wants to dance with you.

For the one of a kind couple, the couple adored for their spirit, the couple who show ordinary the finger hand.

For the wedding that no one stops talking about, a party that burns through the night, a celebration infused with laughter and touching moments…

I’m Tony. Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies. Suggesting that you call me.*

* (Unless you’re specifically looking for a slog through the wedding “classics” beneath some prowling disco lights that is. In which case you won’t want to pull at this thread.)

For more style, more fun, more of those special little touches that make your wedding just soooo you guys, I’m here.

From the popping of the first champagne cork (yes the one at 8am) until the final guest’s dancing feet call time, I make sure it’s not just the best day of your life, but a heck of a day for your friends and family too.

Call me and let’s start cooking up your perfect play list.